Locked In - Escape Rooms Cornwall
Locked In - Escape Rooms Cornwall

Christmas Parties

Option 1 

All players turn up at a particular time we divide them into two teams one goes off to wetherspoons or somewhere we pay for and arrange taxis for this ... And we ferry the two teams between the game and say spoons and the two teams take it in turns to see who can complete the game in the fastest time.

TOTAL TIME 2 hrs 30 mins - 3 hours total time


Option 2 

Pre determine different teams and have them arrive and leave at different set times (as many teams of 8 as you like) ... Maybe different days maybe concurrent times, its entirely up to you.

TOTAL TIME 1 hr 30 mins per team


Option 3

There are 2 rooms in our game they are situated one room directly above the other. The idea is you go through one room to another ... In option 3 we mix it up a little to the benefit of time. We send 1 group (8 max) downstairs and 1 group downstairs ... We start them at the same time. We start the watch and time how long it takes each team to escape the room, and then we reset the rooms (approx 10 mins) then swap each team over ... Fastest times wins ... 

TOTAL TIME 1 hour 30 mins total (per 2 teams)


To organise a Christmas Party give Wayne a call on 01209862796